Mainstreet Australia Advocating for our Local Shopping precincts!

Mainstreet Australia understands the challenges unique to main streets and town centres and provides guidance, leadership and opportunity to our members to ensure they have the confidence and ability to fulfil their role and positively contribute to the success of their main street.

Support includes networking and professional development opportunities, invitations to Conferences and Awards and access
to an ever-growing library of articles and resources.

In recognition of businesses, and their business associations, needing a collective voice to advocate on their behalf, Mainstreet Australia
also lobbies Local, State and Federal Governments on the value, needs and aspirations of main street communities.

Mainstreet Australia Advocacy Statement
Mainstreet Australia Strategic Plan
Main Streets of Australia Week

In 2023, we’re hosting our second year of Main Streets of Australia Week, a national campaign celebrating all that main streets and town centres provide to the community.

The message will be impossible to ignore as these streets, and the businesses within them, will all be sharing this message at the same time; from May 15 – May 21. The best part of this event is that it is accessible to all streets and town centres, no matter the size or budget.

Love to be involved? Head here for more info, diarise the date and start planning! Love to sponsor this national event? Download the sponsorship prospectus here.




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