Introducing the 12 Keys to Successful Streets by Premier Retail Marketing: An assessment of the key factors that affect the performance of city centres, main streets and town centres.

In this free downloadable resource, Premier Retail Marketing (PRM) provides insight into the crucial dynamics that make our streets successful, such as:

  • strong identity and character
  • place management
  • pedestrian circulation, and more. 

As a leading main street consultancy that aims to guide your city centre, main street or town centre toward success, Premier Retail Marketing applies the best practices and experiences from around the world.

PRM has been engaged by many Councils and Business Associations to assess their main street dynamics and improve performance through utilising their collaborative strength.

View the free resource or head to the Premier Retail Marketing website to find out more about their work.

a collage of 4 images of carved timber statues located in Greythorn area of North Balwyn
The Impact of Lockdowns on Main Streets
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