Brentford Square Shopping Centre Coordinator

Reports to:
Brentford Square Traders Association President and Committee

About the role:
This is a part-time position supporting the Brentford Square Traders Association to deliver the promotional, marketing, business development, infrastructure and administration activities of the Brentford Square Traders Association. They are responsible for planning, organising, and coordinating the daily operations of the shopping centre.

Responsible to:
Internal Relationships: Committee members, sub-committees (when appointed), Association members, auditor, accountants, book keeper
External Relationships: Whitehorse City Council, State and Federal Government, Mainstreet Australia, community groups and local residents.

The objective of this position is to support business development, represent the needs of local businesses and implement unified marketing and promotional activities that benefit those who contribute to the Brentford Square Traders Association Special Rate and Charge Scheme; the Brentford Square Traders Association, it’s members and the Brentford Square Shopping Precinct.

Key Stakeholders:
Brentford Square Traders Association Committee
Brentford Square Traders Association Member

Key Responsibilities:
• Develop and maintain communications, including newsletters, website, social media and other promotional and information communications as required.
• Maintain and grow the members register.
• Ensure the website is current and used effectively for promotion and marketing.
• Development and implementation of the approved Business Plan and ensuring that budgets are adhered to and plans are implemented on time.
• Develop and conduct projects to raise public awareness and support for the Brentford Square Shopping Centre and its objectives.
• Work with the Brentford Square Traders Association Committee to deliver an annual schedule of events and activities as described in the Business Plan and measure the outcomes.
• Work constructively with the Committee and Council, traders, property owners (as required) business and community organisations to improve the presentation and upgrading of the Brentford Square Shopping Centre through cleaning, landscaping and street/carpark improvements.
• Maintain control of all Brentford Square Traders Association Governance requirements including preparing and distributing the agenda and minutes of Brentford Square Traders Association meetings with the Secretary and/or other party as required by Council and coordinating the financial reporting with the Treasurer and/or other party as required by Council.
• Submit a quarterly report to Council that reports and monitors outcomes against the Brentford Square Traders Association funding agreement and the Brentford Square Traders Association Business Plan.
• Liaising with Whitehorse City Council
• Co-ordinate the Special Charge Scheme renewal process in conjunction with Whitehorse City Council.

Key Events and Activities:
• Implement agreed promotional and marketing activities that increase and enhance the economic vitality of the Brentford Square Shopping Centre Precinct and the community.
• Support the Brentford Square Shopping Centre Precinct through effective and measured marketing as indicated in the Business Plan and directed by the committee.
• Coordinate and communicate the annual events with traders, businesses, Council and the local community.

The Centre Manager is appointed in a contract basis annually, initially on a three month trial period.
The Centre Manager is not an employee of either the Brentford Square Traders Association or Whitehorse City Council.
Benefits such as leave, superannuation and Work Cover do not apply.

Approximate number of hours per week:
8 hours per week, but may slightly vary depending on workload.

The contractor will be paid for each approved hour spent in performing the contracted service in accordance with an agreed hourly rate of pay.
Must have their own ABN. (Australian Business Number)

Closes Wednesday 30 November. Applicants can send their expression of interest and resume to both: and

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