Coburg Precinct Curator – Central Coburg Business Association (CCBA)

The CCBA represents all businesses in the Coburg shopping precinct between the railway line, Russell Street, Bell Street and Baxter Street. There is a total of approximately 270 businesses in the area.

The CCBA is actively marketing and promoting the area. It has a dedicated marketing manager and has a large social media following and an active website. There are regular promotions and activations of the area. The CCBA also cleans the graffiti and is working closely with various agencies and Council to support the interests of all local businesses.

Parts of the area have high vacancy rates. There are numerous real estate agents with different approaches to the leasing.

The CCBA is looking for someone who can assist the Association with filling these vacancies. We ask for a proposal highlighting the experience in these fields, a proposed approach, achievable results and timeframes. And fees and charges.


There have been significant positive developments in the Coburg area over the past couple of years. It is expected that this trend will continue.

  • New railway station – as part of the Victorian level crossing removal project a new railway station has been created along with significant recreational areas for locals
  • Pentridge development – gentrification has started and the development of the Pentridge complex is testament to that. Many affluent young families re expected to move into the area
  • School House – this artist collective has recently moved from Collingwood. It occupies a significant and visible position in Coburg. This brings a new and dynamic “vibe” to the area
  • Medical Precinct – a medical precinct with 600 medical workers will be developed on Bell Street walking distance from the centre
  • Council Offices – Moreland City Council’s main offices are located in Coburg next to the centre


The main issues facing the area include the following:

  • Area is feeling old and tired
  • There are issues with drug use and vagrancy
  • Some areas have high vacancy rates


The CCBA has embarked in mid-2021 on a comprehensive Place Making initiative. This has so far resulted in:

  • A shop front improvement programme
  • An extensive activation programme
  • Establishment of a working group with VicPol and Council to address issues with drug use and vagrancy in the centre


The CCBA is looking for a highly self-motivated individual to fill the vacancies. The process is expected to have the following phases:

  • An Audit of the area. This is to identify which properties are for lease, who is the leasing agent, various details, and a narrative on why it has not been leased. Parts of this project have already commenced
  • Build relationships with stakeholders such as leasing agents and owners
  • Assess what kind of business would need to be targeted
  • Approach identified businesses/chains with a consistent narrative and compelling information on the benefits of having a representation in the Coburg area
  • Regular debrief of actions and outcomes
    • contacts made
    • outcomes of activities
    • what has worked what has not worked
  • Creating and following up leads or interested parties for securing leases

There is much information available collected by the City of Moreland on demographics and economic development that can be made available.


We expect this to be a temporary position with clearly defined milestones as laid out in the requirements. This includes the number of agents contacted each month and an expectation of results (shops leased to targeted profiles). Indicative numbers achievable are to be part of the proposal.

KPI’s have to be based on leasing arrangements arranged or secured within the 3 month period. This could be long term, short term, casual or pop up.


  • Future activities to look for
  • Has there been significant change to vary the contract
  • What have we learnt

Applications or any queries to Ray via email.

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