Good News from Glenferrie Road Malvern Traders Association.

Alex Hume – Marketing and Events Manager for the Glenferrie Road Malvern Traders Association was early to initiate advice for her trading group to start discussions with their landlords by issuing a letter to all businesses to share with said landlords to start discussions re COVID 19 restrictions and the impact it would have on their businesses. The letter communicated the importance of landlords and tenants working together to work out how to minimize losses to both parties and assist them both to get through these unprecedented times.

Nathan from NJ Fitness Studio (pictured above) jumped on Alex’s advise. The fitness industry was one of the first and hardest to be impacted and Nathan started negotiations with his landlord early on. Through open and honest negotiations, both NJ Fitness and his landlord came to a workable situation which made rational and economic sense to both parties.

NJ Fitness have now secured a rent free period and reduced rent post the COVID 19 restrictions, greatly assisting  NJ Fitness and Landlord to secure pathway to navigate COVID 19, the economic downturn and the future together.

Like many of us, Alex has been witness to businesses traveling tough, she has been a strong advocate of  “We “are” all in this together”. We cannot get through this without each of us stepping up and working together. It is up to Traders, Landlords, Trading Groups and our Community to support local and support each other, we will only get to the other side of this if remain positive and work for solutions that are sustainable for all.

Mainstreet Australia want to know about your win’s, good news & other stories. It is through sharing we all learn and through learning we will all adapt.


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