Ten compelling reasons to to attend.

  1. Get INSPIRED when Kieran Flannigan takes the stage to ask impossible questions.
  2. FLY with Mike Smith, Sun Theatre,  when he shares global stories on how public and private spaces are engaging the community around cinema.
  3. ELVIS is in the Building:  The Parkes Elvis Festival celebrates 25 years and Cathy Treasure will present on the global recognition. Viva Las Vegas.
  4. How can you make the MOST OF YOUR MULTICULTURAL COMMUNITY? Let Andy Miller, Multicultural Arts Victoria light your fire.
  5. FEEL THE PASSION and know what sort of glue to apply when Jude Hannah presents her showcase of public and private partnerships.
  6. GET THE BLUES  courtesy of John Henshall’s expose on  the renaissance of Clarksdale Mississipi.
  7. NO DEAD SPACES  when Bec Henry is in town.  Hear how  ‘transitional spaces’ can be an active part of the retail mix
  8. GET PRACTICAL ANSWERS to your questions on governance, marketing and all things digital in the Engine Room.
  9. DING DING level crossing removals are in full swing.  We have assembled a crack team to guide you through the process and hear how you can MAKE THE MOST OF THE FUNDS AVAILABLE for retail strip marketing.
  10. Take advantage of a GREAT VALUE opportunity to CONNECT with the Mainstreet community.

Getting to the Conference

The best way to get to the conference is by train 40 minutes by from the City with the conference venue a short walk from the train.  Trains depart ever 15 minutes during morning peak.

Program and Booking

For more detail see the full Conference Program

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