Main Streets of Australia Week

Main Streets of Australia Week

Even before COVID, many main streets were struggling and, in some cases, dying, for reasons beyond their control; the introduction of internet shopping and development of shopping centres came as a huge blow.

However, we cannot allow this to continue. With more than 2 million small businesses in Australia, and many of these on our main streets, they do an enormous amount for the community, and we need this to continue. They:

• provide a huge number of jobs to those that rely on local or flexible work,
• create local spending,
• support local causes and charities, as well as sporting groups and schools
• are an important place for the elderly or vulnerable to find their fit in the community,
• build connection and a safe space, and
• allow a huge number of families to stay financially afloat.

In 2022, Mainstreet Australia will launch a national campaign celebrating all that main streets and town centres provide to the community.

The message will be impossible to ignore as these streets, and the businesses within them, will all be sharing this message at the same time; from May 16 – May 22 aka Main Streets of Australia Week.

The campaign will be shared via consistent messaging and promotional materials we, at Mainstreet Australia, will create for everyone to use including:

  1. All manner of promotional materials including footpath and window decals, flyers, posters, real estate boards, social badges, social banners and more. Main streets will able to download all, edit some to include the details of their Main Streets of Australia event, and send to their printer to put up and promote the week
  2. A press release template that main streets can download, edit and send to their local press to promote
  3. A list of ideas for events that main streets could implement to celebrate if they need inspiration. Mainstreet Australia will host a list of all events happening around Australia in this week, for additional promotion

The best part of Main Streets of Australia Week is that it is accessible to all streets and town centres, no matter the size or budget.

 So, what are you waiting for? Mark out May 16 – 22 in your diary, start thinking about what your Main Streets of Australia Week celebration will look like and register your details here so you’re the first to know when we launch.



Sponsorship opportunities available for Main Streets of Australia Week. Contact us for a sponsorship proposal.

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