Main Streets of Australia Week

Main Streets of Australia Week

With more than 2 million small businesses in Australia, small businesses do an enormous amount for the community.

We need to support them and our main streets to ensure their survival, so they can continue to:

• provide a huge number of jobs to those that rely on local or flexible work;
• create local spending;
• support local causes and charities, as well as sporting groups and schools;
• provide a place for the elderly or vulnerable to find their fit in the community;
• build connection and provide safe space; and
• allow a huge number of families to stay financially afloat.

Main Streets of Australia Week is on 15-21 May 2023


In 2023, we’re hosting our second year of Main Streets of Australia Week, a national campaign celebrating all that main streets and town centres provide to the community.

The message will be impossible to ignore as these streets, and the businesses within them, will all be sharing this message at the same time; from May 15 – May 21 aka Main Streets of Australia Week.

The best part of this event is that it is accessible to all streets and town centres, no matter the size or budget.

We hope you join us in celebrating and raising awareness of our main streets and town centres. We’re also hosting the Mainstreet Australia Awards within the week, on Fri, May 19. Even more reasons to celebrate!

Main Streets of Australia Week is proudly sponsored by Dynamite Printing and Assemblo

How can your main street or town centre get involved? Here are your next steps


1. Plan your event or campaign

Run an event or launch a campaign for the week, or just one day of the week, celebrating your main street.

Events/activities can be small or big, online or offline. For instance, you could run a social media giveaway during the week or a big street festival – all are welcome to be listed!

Bit stuck for ideas? Check out this list of both offline/on-street and online ideas!


2. Send us the details of your event or campaign

Let us know about your event or campaign via this link so we can add it to the national listing you can see here.


 3. Download the Promotion Pack

Download the Promotion Pack that includes Main Streets of Australia Week branded promotional materials, footpath and window decals, flyers, posters, real estate board designs and more.

Just edit the assets to include details of your event, and then print and use the materials.

Before using/editing of these assets make sure to read the Brand Guidelines doc that is in the Promotion Pack

Love 10% off your printing? Main Streets of Australia Week sponsor, Dynamite Printing have you covered! Head here and use code 10MAINSTREET when paying!


4. Promote your event or campaign online

The Promotion Pack also includes static and animated badges, suggested social posts and email banners so you can promote your event or campaign on your website, social media channels and email newsletter. 


5. Publicise your event or campaign in local press

Download the press release template promoting Main Streets of Australia Week, edit it with your event information and send it to your local press to promote.

Main Streets of Australia Week
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