Advocacy with Federal and State Governments in response to Covid-19


Through the work of President Peter McNabb, Mainstreet Australia has been advocating over recent weeks to State and Federal Governments to put in place significant measures that will provide real support for main street business owners and their staff.  The extraordinary programs announced recently by the governments have recognised the work that we and many others have been putting in.


Our recent efforts focus on lobbying the State Government to provide grants to main street centre business associations.  We currently are advocating to Small Business Victoria that centre business associations with turnover of over $75,000 (primarily from special rates or charges) and employment of people (coordinators, etc.) including contractors/sole traders should be eligible for the $10,000 grant under the new Business Support Fund.


Advocacy for improvements to Special Rate and Charge provisions.


Mainstreet is continuing its advocacy work to have the special rate and charge provisions in the Local Government Act improved.  We are aware of how complex, confusing, time consuming and administratively costly the current provisions are to implement and manage. This initiative is being pursued through discussions with the office of the Minister for Local Government and Small Business Adem Somyerek and Small Business Victoria.


Mainstreet Research Project: The economic value of our main streets.


Mainstreet conducted  ground breaking research into the economic value and importance of Victoria’s main streets in 2011. This research has greatly assisted us in our advocacy work and has for once and for all established the significant role that main streets play in the Victorian economy and the provision of employment. As the research is 10 years old we are in the process of updating it. A brief has been prepared and distributed to appropriately skilled economic consultants. We are also optimistic that an application for financial assistance for the project will be forthcoming from Small Business Victoria, who provided funding support for the original report. The research project is due to commence in April and conclude in July 2020.

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