Mainstreets and city centres are using effective management and marketing strategies to strike back against the online and shopping centre competition. David West’s book ‘Mainstreet Management: Successful Retail Strategies’ includes practical information about managing mainstreets and city centres, and overcoming challenges. Mainstreet managers, business district managers and government staff can take the lead for their local communities by adopting the best management practices available in the world today.

This excellent e-book resource is available now at for only $39.95 + postage.

The author David West has been working and consulting for mainstreets and shopping centres for 30 years and he has travelled to the UK, USA and NZ to find the best examples. In the book you will discover how to engage businesses, improve the business mix and effectively promote your mainstreet. The book also demonstrates how to implement responsible governance processes and how to measure results and celebrate success.

Great mainstreets don’t just happen” Patrice Frey (President/CEO of National Mainstreet USA)

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