Main Street Matters

Do you have a story, an observation, an opinion or a gripe about main streets?

If so Mainstreet Australia would like to hear it. We’re accepting articles relating to all things main street, designed to further the appreciation and awareness of main streets and promote discussion and debate. We will be publishing successful articles on this page and sharing in our newsletter and on social media. Articles between 500 and 2000 words, that have not been previously published can be sent via link below. Read our guidelines before submitting. Click here to view.

Guidelines for “Main Street Matters” Articles

  1. Articles submitted for publication on the website should provide information, ideas, opinions, observations, research or analysis relating to a specific main street or main streets in general. They should be designed to further the appreciation and awareness of main streets and promote discussion and debate.
  2. Articles should not seek to promote or advertise particular businesses, consultants or services.
  3. Articles between 500 and 2000 words will be considered for publication. Articles should be sent in a proofed, ready to publish form including any photographs or illustrations and references. A short 50-word biography of the author(s), including any web or social media links, and a 70-word summary paragraph, suitable for publication in the monthly newsletter should also be provided.
  4. Articles will be published on the Mainstreet Australia website and may also appear on other Mainstreet Australia social media at its discretion. Authority for such publication is assumed to be given by the author(s)
  5. Articles must be the original work of the author(s) and should not have been previously published.
  6. Publication of the articles does not imply that Mainstreet Australia agrees with or fully supports the contents of the articles.
  7. The decision to publish or not publish an article will be determined by Mainstreet Australia. No reasons for the decisions will be provided.
  8. Articles will remain on the website for a minimum of 3 months unless Mainstreet Australia determines that the article should be removed earlier.
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