Introducing the Maling Road Gift

The Maling Road Business Association has recently introduced a new electronic gift card program. This program allows customers to purchase a gift card (similar to a Westfield Card) that can be used at various businesses in Maling Road. They are perfect for gifts and we saw a huge uptake during the Christmas period. We feel that customers were waiting for us to do this!

The program enables us to use gift cards as prizes in our promotions, keeping the money in the street.

We can track where spending occurs, allowing us to tailor marketing programs specific to our customer base. Anecdotally, we know that customers will spend more than their gift card in stores, bringing even more money into the street.

Traditionally, strip shopping centres have never had such a product of their own to market before. The opportunities on how it is used and marketed are endless and will definitely change the way in which centres promote themselves.

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