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Mainstreet Australia observes the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988.

In dealing with you, we may collect certain information such as your name and contact details, personal and business information relating to business transactions, such as property leasing, marketing and sales, maintenance, and development.

Information collected about you is only used for business transactions that we enter into, or propose to enter into, with you or in relation to you, and which you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose for that purpose. We do not use your information for any other purpose without your consent.

We take reasonable measures to ensure that information we hold about you in any form, such as on paper or electronically, is stored securely.

You may at any time ask for access to information we have about you and discuss with us any issues relating to that information.

If you have any questions about privacy, please contact Mainstreet Australia at our business address shown on this website. If we are not able to resolve any issues relating to information, we hold about you, you may contact the Privacy Commissioner on 1300 363 992.


Mainstreet Australia refunds in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.

Mainstreet Australia is run by a volunteer committee comprising individuals with a passion for main streets. Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds and bring with them a wealth of experience in mainstreet management, marketing, planning, development, design, economics and governance.

Mainstreet Australia try to keep fees to a minimum and as such we are not in the position to provide transferable or pro rata memberships.

What happens after a customer pays for a membership

Mainstreet Australia sends an auto email to confirm membership has been paid.

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